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Often students create art just for a grade. Add a spark to their motivation and have them enter their work in our art contest. was established to reward student artists and to showcase student art. Make art in the classroom, enter it in a contest and have the best entries displayed in an art book. A fridge can display art, but put art in a full-color hardbound book and you have a treasure.
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Think of the excitement in your classroom of having your students' published! You put time and love into your students' art and your legacy is what they create. Having a book creates a lasting record of the outstanding art from your classes. An art book becomes part of your porfolio.
Have the opportunity of winning prizes and being published. You create the art, now get the reward.

Your Stories Show Who We Really Are

This is a great contest and wonderful motivator!
Diana Speedy
Bloomingdale High School, FL

Thanks for encouraging our youth to be creative!
Karen Knoerzer
Washington Middle School, WI

I just received the art book, and it is beautiful.
Denise Ivey
Childersburg Elementary School, AL

This is one story how CelebratingArt inspires students with our contests.

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Encourages students' artistic talents
Increases the learning experience
Provides additional recognition for your students
Gives artistic work a larger audience
Preserves art in a professionally bound book
Helps promote your art program
Creates a permanent record of students' achievements & Builds self-esteem

Contest Information

Who: Students in grades K-3, 4-6. 7-9, 10-12
What: Any art that can have a still digital image
(This is an art contest; NOT a photography contest)
When: Summer August 22, 2015 and Fall Contest December 3rd, 2015
How: Entries must be entered online
Why: Over $5000 in prizes go to students and teachers for each contest
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