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Sofia Zhao, 6
Fall 2023
Can I Be a Ballerina When I Grow Up?
Katie Li, 12
Summer 2018
Asian Cuckoo Clock
Vinciane Su, 3
Spring 2022
Summer Is Gone
Abbie Ahn, 8
Summer 2022
Parker Schovanec, 11
Spring 2021
Rachael Scotchmer, 12
Summer 2015
Flower Vase
Hansika Hari, 3
Summer 2022
Shuya Gan, 5
Spring 2021
Kaylee Yu, 12
Summer 2021
Lobster Dasking
Andrew Du, 9
Spring 2023

Important Notice!!

Celebrating Art is no longer sponsoring its contests in Canada.  We appreciate your support and apologize for any inconvenience.

Testimonial story-section

Testimonioal story




I have been submitting artwork to Celebrating Art now for a little over a year. I want to thank you for providing this opportunity for children. I enjoy seeing my student's faces light up when I tell them that their artwork has been accepted to be published.

---- Heather Bauer

Our book has arrived and it's fabulous. I hope to enter students' work next year again. It was a really positive experience for the students to enter and to see their published work and inspired many other students too.

---- Mari Philo

I'm so grateful to learn about CelebratingArt.com. I've been using our art room blog as a motivator, by posting the best artwork from each project. The students get really excited when their artwork is chosen for it, so I can only imagine how they will feel about being published in a book. It is very impressive! Thank you, thank you!

---- Virginia Reardon

Thank you for your time and effort in supporting the importance of visual art. Also, for giving teachers like myself the opportunity to give students exposure in a different venue.

---- Leslie Coggins

Thank you for the good news regarding our students' artwork! I appreciate the opportunity you present for our children to be published.

---- Katie Corrigan

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity for the students. They are so excited to be a part of this. We are excited to see the book and the beautiful artwork!

---- Jaime Dias

What beautiful art work! I am so thrilled for the students and the families. Thank you!

---- Mrs. Monica Rastegar

I just wanted to say a big thank you! We will definitely enter your contest again in the fall and spring next year. The kids were super excited to be published artists and the money was even better. This is a great contest that rewards both students and teachers for their hard work and dedication and I appreciate it. We have enjoyed entering the competition for the past 3 seasons. Thanks for all that you do.

---- Amber Forgey

Thank you so much. I will definitely be sending you several entries in the fall and will encourage our other art teachers to do the same.

---- Denise Hopkins

I want to thank you for this wonderful opportunity for students’ artwork to be published. I so look forward to seeing the book with my students’ art. I received my check because I have three award winners. The check for me is wonderful but the look of joy on the students’ faces when I told them they were accepted - and then the three Top Ten award winners – was priceless. They are so excited and feeling very proud. This is an experience that I want to continue to offer my students.

---- Joanne Von Sossan

I just received the art book, and it is beautiful.

---- Denise Ivey

My beautiful book arrived on Friday. We were all thrilled with the final product. I now understand that some of the parents have also received the books and are very pleased. I know of some that will be Christmas presents. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of all our students.

---- Judy Johnson, Jana Miller

I had to take a minute to tell you how impressed we were with the high quality of the book. Never having seen one before I really didn’t know what to expect and was proud to have our students’ work included in such a beautiful anthology. Thank you for taking the time to create the book and for making it so special for those included.

---- Katie Corrigan

Thank you so much! We will defiantly continue to participate. This is a great program!

---- Audra Crisp

Thanks for all you do to promote the arts in education. As I commented, the book is a treasure and a keepsake. I am honored that many of our students are a part of this publication!

---- Barb Manne

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