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Celebrating Art is no longer sponsoring its contests in Canada.  We appreciate your support and apologize for any inconvenience.





August 8, 2024

  • Students can enter on their own, through their school, homeschool, or art studio.
  • Students must be in grades K-12 and reside in the United States.
  • Do not use all capital letters for the fields.
  • Enter any art that can have a still digital image (painting, sculpture, drawing, collage, etc.)
  • Must enter online. Do not mail art as it will not be entered in the contest or returned.
  • The subject of the photo must be created by the artist. This is not a photography contest.
  • Please do not enter art from copyrighted sources such as pictures originated from Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, and Pixar. We do not catch them all but we try to filter out celebrity images that may have originated from a copyrighted photo.
  • You may enter one piece for each contest (Spring, Summer and Fall).

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You always own the rights to your art.

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Artwork Upload:

  • Use a high resolution camera (5 megapixels or higher is best, however 2 megapixels at the highest resolution will also work).
  • Use indirect light to minimize glare.
  • Take the photo as straight on as possible to prevent distortion and hold as still as possible.
  • Check your image for blurriness and make sure it is clear.

In entering any art or photo to this contest, I verify that this entry is my original work. I understand that entering someone else's work is against the law and that if caught, my school and parents will be notified. Using someone else's copyrighted work may lead to pursuing legal damages. I further understand that I must have my parent's permission to enter this contest. By entering this contest I agree to the above statement.

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