Dreams Come True

" I'm so happy that there is at least one art contest that I don't have to pay a fee. It made my day when I received my art piece in a published book. It was also amazing when I asked for help to fix something, you guys immediately helped. Thank you guys for making my dreams come true! "

---- Ayla Futch

Motivated to Push Boundaries

" Celebrating Art has helped by providing a platform for me to showcase my work to a wider audience. By participating in these art contests I have been more motivated to push the boundaries and improve my skills. The competition aspect has inspired me to experiment with different techniques, mediums and styles to create my best work. "

---- Esha S.

Recognition for My Work

" Celebrating Art has allowed me to see the ideas of other young artists. I was really inspired by all the artwork from my peers. This contest has also helped me gain recognition for my work, which I am very grateful for. "

---- Julia Z.

Boosted My Confidence

" I really want you to know how much I appreciate this. Now, I'm eleven so I can't give you money, or make you famous or anything like that, but I can give you my most grateful thank you. I'm very passionate about art so, hopefully you can tell how much this means to me and how much it boosted my confidence. "

---- Taya Sheard

Create Art That Others Can Enjoy

" I was so pleased to be selected to be published and chosen as a High Merit Winner. Having my artwork judges at this level lets me know that I have the skills to create art that others can enjoy. "

---- Gianna C.

A Proud Moment for Dean…

" I am truly excited to hear that my son's [Dean] artwork is being published. This recognition is something other than just a mere fortuitous mention but rather, a testament to his creative instinct and undeniable talent. This is certainly a proud moment for me, and more importantly, for Dean. The kid has definitely got some artistic chops!! "

---- Tequilla Stanciel

Opportunity to Showcase Work

" Thank you for the opportunity for art students to showcase their hard work. "

---- Kara Maudlin

An Opportunity for Children

" I have submitted student works to your company in previous years in the area of poetry when I was teaching in the public schools and homeschooling...You provide such a great opportunity for children...Thank you. "

---- Krista Reynolds

I Am Thrilled

" I am thrilled to be published in this amazing book. "

---- Donna Liu

We Can't Wait to See the Book

" You've done a wonderful job of keeping in touch with me, much appreciate it and I will look forward to seeing my daughter's work in your book! "

---- Allison Meier