Your Contest Is Important to Students

" You just don’t understand what this means to Morgan and our whole family. Art is so important to her. While she was working on the piece, she kept saying “I hope they like it”. Thank you so much. "

---- Pam Faucett

My Greatest Achievement

" Thank you so much for picking me to be one of the Top Ten winners!! So far it's really my greatest achievement and I can't wait to do more! I feel like it can really help me for a future career in art! "

---- Erica Gammill

We Are Excited!

" We are glad to see that Hannah's art will be published. Hannah is very excited! That's her best Christmas present! Thank you very much! "

---- Fang Pan

My Art Is a Part of Something

" Thank you. You have made my art be a part of something. I'm not in an art class because I'm in band. This is the only place I can share my art. "

---- Emylee Patton

Opportunity for Publication

" We absolutely appreciate the opportunity that Emma has been given through your publication. "

---- Holly Bolyard

This Recognition Is Wonderful

" I can't tell you how timely this honor is for Marcus. He is so beyond thrilled and it's so wonderful that he's excelling in and being recognized for something he loves to do! "

---- Helen Garguilo

An Honor to Be Published

" I would like to say that it is an honor that you have selected my artwork to be published in your book. "

---- Carla Rivas

Dreams Coming True

" Thank you all for your hard work that you do for our kids. My daughter came home last night with a note from her 1st grade art teacher saying she won a spot in your book. I sent emails to her PreK art teacher telling her that we always knew Camille had something extra special in her and that it truly comes out in her art. We were so proud of her. Thank you too for sharing in a little girl's dream. How fantastic! "

---- Carolyne Mueller