Take into Account Teacher's Busy Schedules

" This is such a great experience for our artists. They look forward to the contest and the ease of entering entries is great from a teacher's point of view. They take into account teacher's busy schedules and their customer service is spot on. We will be entering these contests again and again. "

---- APA Fine Arts

Active Advocate for the Visual Arts

" Celebrating Art is amazing! I've been submitting student work for over 6 years now. My students have such a wonderful opportunity to have their artwork displayed in a beautifully bound and colorful edition each season. Parents are so excited when the books arrive, and so am I. What a great way to showcase the hard work of our students. Thank you so much for being an active advocate for the visual arts. "

---- Oneida Trevino

Icing on the Cake

" I love submitting my students' artwork every year! It is like a yearbook of our finest pieces that my students are most proud of. Receiving 'High Merit' or even the prestigious 'Top Ten' is just icing on the cake! My underclassmen are inspired by all of the artwork across all ages and love showing family and friends their own particular page once their work is published. "

---- Amy Reavis

Lifelong Memories

" This means so much to me-- As I always tell you, I appreciate what Celebrating Art does for students. You are helping to create lifelong memories for these young teens. Thank you for supporting and honoring childrens' love of art. "

---- Elizabeth Blake

Favorite Contest

" You guys are my favorite contest to have my students participate in. You are always so easy to communicate with and it's so easy submitting work. "

---- Christa Wisniewski

Such a Needed Space for the Visual Arts

" Your platform for these students is a huge motivator and such a needed space for the visual arts. It's a huge honor for them to get accepted to publish. "

---- Andrew Hobson

Sharing It with the Community

" ...They're really into the idea of picking their best artwork for the contest. You can tell they're giving their all to make their art shine. Thanks again for this fantastic chance for the kids. We're all looking forward to showing more of our creativity in Celebrating Art and sharing it with the community. "

---- Wendy Wu

Build a Community

" We love this contest! All of my students feel so accomplished when they see their work in the published books. We are so thankful for this opportunity to share art and build a community around it. "

---- Ivy Academy


" I have not had a contest create such a huge amount of participation among my students! I have so many that have decided to participate it is amazing and overwhelming. The students are enthralled by the past winners and completely humbled by the top ten winners. There is so much creativity out there! "

---- Kala Koehler

Amazing Recognition!

" Thank you for giving my students here in South Texas a forum for their beautiful work. The opportunity for them to have their artwork published Nationally means so much to both them and their parents who often don't have the time or resources to help their budding artists get the recognition they deserve! Even my principal buys a copy of the book to display proudly in the library! We're excited about the addition of the name of each school appearing with the student name! "

---- Nan Poinsot