The Book Is Inspiring

" I still have not come off the cloud I am on. The book again has incredible art work in it. Several of my students mentioned the amazing work and how much they enjoy just looking through it. I find myself doing the same thing. I think that the book has been very inspiring for them with the artwork coming from not just elementary students but also middle and high school students. If they continue to work hard these examples could be their results. Thank you again. "

---- Holly Stanek

My Prized Possession

" My Celebrating Art book from last spring is my prized possession! I love it! Thank you so much for this contest for the students! "

---- Kaela Lockard

Supporting the Arts

" Thank you for the wonderful support that you give to the kids artwork through this amazing publication! "

---- Margarita Molano

You Understand Students

" Obviously you understand how much pride these young artists take in their work. "

---- Hollis Dorafshar

My Students Thanked Me

" My students were so excited to be accepted to be in the Celebrating Art Book. I teach at a school where there is 40% poverty (free or reduced lunch). I had 3 separate students come to me and thank me for entering their art. (a third grader, second grader and fourth grader). "

---- Amy Ward

A Wonderful Program

" Thanks for including us in your wonderful program and the great Blick sponsorship. (We love their products!) "

---- Claudia Sanderson-Ohara

A Great Way to Promote Art

" Thanks so much! I'm so glad I found out about this art contest, my students just love it and it's a great way to promote art in our school! Thanks again for all you do! "

---- Gail Dahlgren

A Large Audience

" Thanks for such an awesome contest as Celebrating Art! It is a great opportunity for the students to share their artwork with people from all over! "

---- Ashley Archer

Your Contest Supports the Arts

" Thanks again for all you do to support art education! My students' parents are so thrilled to have their children's art published in a hardbound book! Adams 12 Visual Art Coordinator 2011 Colorado Administrator/Supervisor Art Educator of the Year 2012 Pacific Region Administrator/Supervisor Art Educator of the Year "

---- Debbie Brooks

Sharing Art with the World

" I sincerely LOVE my job and teaching my students. I am so glad that the judging committee enjoyed my students' work and I am glad that I am able to share their work with the world! "

---- Carrie Russoniello