I Am So Thrilled I Discovered CelebratingArt

" I wanted to say that I am so thrilled to have discovered your art contest and look forward to submitting artwork in the future. "

---- Jennifer Van Patten

My Students Are Thrilled

" Thank you again for choosing many of my students to be published.  They are thrilled. "

---- Emily Arnot

Confidence Levels Soar

" It definitely has made many positive impacts on our students' lives.  It has made many kids "shine," especially those kids who don't in the regular subject areas and classrooms.  I've seen the confidence level of so many kids soar because of their work getting published in your Celebrating Art book or even just knowing they made it!  THANK YOU for your help and for the opportunity to change kids' lives in positive ways!  Have a great summer! "

---- Karly Gundersen

So Glad Our School Participated

" I'm so glad that our school participated in your contest this year and had their artwork published. Our students are going to be recognized at a ceremony. "

---- Sandy Berns

I Am So Impressed

" This is my first experience with your contest and I am so impressed by the book and artwork. My students have almost worn out the book looking at it. Thanks. "

---- Cindy Pundt

An Exciting Experience

" Thank you for spearheading such an endeavor. It is an exciting experience to share with the middle school students! "

---- Ron Boehm

Wonderful Young Talent

" I enjoyed looking at all the wonderful young talent that entered last years contest! Thank you very much. "

---- Shijun Munns

My Kids Are Proud

" Thank you so much, I am very excited about this spring's publication. My kids are so proud of themselves! "

---- Heather Bauer

The Book Presents the Best Work

" We really enjoyed the process of joining your contest in Celebrating Art. It will be a great inspiration for the young art lovers. Thank you for organizing such an amazing event! And our studio would love to encourage more kids to join and share their art works in the coming contest. Your professional and careful selection will present the best works to audiences. We definitely agree and respect your decision of the selection. I believe this art book not only shares the beauty of art, but also creativity, passion and love. Thank you very much for your consideration! We appreciate your understanding and support! "

---- Leeann Yang

Excited for My Students

" I am very excited that some of my student’s artwork is getting published! Thank you for your help! "

---- Ms. Nina Wolfe