My Prized Possession

" My Celebrating Art book from last spring is my prized possession! I love it! Thank you so much for this contest for the students! "

---- Kaela Lockard

The Book Is Inspiring

" I still have not come off the cloud I am on. The book again has incredible art work in it. Several of my students mentioned the amazing work and how much they enjoy just looking through it. I find myself doing the same thing. I think that the book has been very inspiring for them with the artwork coming from not just elementary students but also middle and high school students. If they continue to work hard these examples could be their results. Thank you again. "

---- Holly Stanek

The Cream from the Cup

" I am very satisfied with your selection process and your willingness to consider others. I too, think you have selected the cream from the cup. "

---- Barb Beckner

A Great Encouragement

" Thanks for encouraging our youth to be creative! "

---- Karen Knoerzer

The Students Are Thrilled

" Thanks for the opportunity! The students are thrilled to be a part of this!! "

---- Nicholas Coppola

Students Express Themselves Through Art

" I am just thrilled at the opportunity that my students have; a chance for an artwork to be published in such high quality of a book as Celebrating Art. Since the tornado here in Joplin (Carl Junction is 5 minutes away), I have seen the impact that day and disaster has left. We have several students who have lost everything, some who lost family members and more. Art has given them an opportunity to express themselves in ways that words cannot. Thank you for providing an opportunity for my students to not only help build their portfolio, but to also give them an outlet to show their creativity. "

---- Elizabeth Cosby

Promoting Artistic Talent

" Thanks again for the great work you are doing to promote the artistic talents of our children. "

---- Sharron Crooms-Schwartz

The Book Is a Treasure

" Thanks for all you do to promote the arts in education. As I commented, the book is a treasure and a keepsake. I am honored that many of our students are a part of this publication! "

---- Barb Manne

A Great Program

" Thank you so much! We will defiantly continue to participate. This is a great program! "

---- Audra Crisp

A High-Quality Book

" I had to take a minute to tell you how impressed we were with the high quality of the book. Never having seen one before I really didn’t know what to expect and was proud to have our students’ work included in such a beautiful anthology. Thank you for taking the time to create the book and for making it so special for those included. "

---- Katie Corrigan