" Celebrating Art is a teacher and parent friendly art contest that allows all students to submit their artwork into a national contest for absolutely free! It is juried, yet reasonable and allows the students to participate in a fair, competitive art contest. My students get a huge smile on their face when they hear that they have been chosen and an instant confidence in their work is shown. The book is beautiful and is a wonderful keepsake of the students accomplishments. Thank you for allowing us to participate in your amazing contest that truly Celebrates Art! "

---- Melissa Mills

Art Students Celebrating

" I have been so excited to see the look on my students' faces as I tell them their art has been approved to be published in the next edition on the Celebrating Art Book. It really has impacted their attitude towards art and excited about future projects. My students are honored to be in this book because they are always looking in the last publications and react with such amazement of the quality of art. "

---- Jeb

Amazing Recognition!

" Thank you for giving my students here in South Texas a forum for their beautiful work. The opportunity for them to have their artwork published Nationally means so much to both them and their parents who often don't have the time or resources to help their budding artists get the recognition they deserve! Even my principal buys a copy of the book to display proudly in the library! We're excited about the addition of the name of each school appearing with the student name! "

---- Nan Poinsot


" I have not had a contest create such a huge amount of participation among my students! I have so many that have decided to participate it is amazing and overwhelming. The students are enthralled by the past winners and completely humbled by the top ten winners. There is so much creativity out there! "

---- Kala Koehler